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Singing, shouting, and playing with fun until you fall over laughing with friends is a happy moment, Isn’t it? The youth of Panji Village, affirm the values ​​of kindship and joy, as life experience in the traditional game also a sport of Magoak-goakan. This tradition has been around from generation to generation.


Fighting sometimes isn't just about anger and hatred. But, there are times when the fighting becomes a beautiful moment, showing art and toughness at the same time. Mepantigan is a Balinese martial art also traditional wrestling sport that will give you a memorable experience wrestling on the mud field.


How does it feel if you fight, until you're covered in blood? Could it be that you have never thought of it, hopefully, something that is not desirable will never happen. However, there is an extreme tradition called Kare-Kare in Tenganan Village, Pagringsingan, Karangasem.


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Exploring cultures will be more exciting and memorable by experiencing. Therefore TRAYA is created

TRAYA or Travel Budaya is a platform that provides Indonesian culture experience for the tourist to feel and enjoy the experience of playing and learning the unique and authentic of Indonesian cultures by providing booking services online in the form of web apps. Traya apps intend to help both domestic and international tourists easier to access local culture and also to assist the conservation of Indonesian culture and economic development through the tourism sector.


When you are traveling to a cultural tourism destination, you may only visit and watch the local culture, but not to try and experience it. Indonesian culture is unique and attractive, and it will be more appealing and memorable when you try and experience it with the locals, then TRAYA is the right choice to get it. 

Furthermore, TRAYA provides not only certain types of cultures but also various types of it, from traditional foods, musical instruments, games, dances, attractions, to sports. So, you can experience many kinds of Indonesian cultures. TRAYA also available in two forms, mobile and web apps.


Traya was established in 2020 by five college students who joined an idea creation competition about cultural development in Indonesia. We want to conserve the Indonesian cultures and help economic development through the tourism sector. Firstly, we only made Balinese traditional sports booking services online, then we want to expand to the other Indonesian region and cultures such as traditional foods, games, dances, attractions, and many more.


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For a ticket you buy is only for one of the traditional sports you choose. The ticket doesn’t provide you the transportation and hostel, but will provide you with a welcoming snack and drink. But if you’d like to have a package including the hostel and transportation too, you may give us some requests through our admin (Whatsapp / Instagram). If many people would like all in one package, we would consider to provide some package that you can choose when booking the tickets.

We accept payment through M-Banking, Gopay, and Ovo that you can choose when booking the tickets.

There will be refund for your cancellation with some terms and conditions below:

  • Cancellation a day before the event will get a 30% refund.
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  • Cancellation a month before the event will get a 100% refund. 

Cancellations less than one day prior to the event will not be refunded. *Terms and conditions applied

We as the team and the local guides are trying to provide the best safety as we can. To help you anticipate something bad might happen, you can add some insurance when you book the ticket and you need to pay extra for this. But that doesn’t matter right? Because your safety is number one.